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Manitoba's premier all female skateboard competition.

Chicks Flip Out is designed to promote and celebrate the participation of women in skateboarding; to encourage girls who skate to explore the possibilities of competing; to unite the female skateboard community and to provide girls with a challenging yet comfortable environment where they can push their skills to a higher level.


The Rugged Riders'Chicks Flip Out contest first saw the day in the summer of 2004 in Montreal, Quebec. Ever since that year the event has been growing strong, attracting more and more female participants, not to mention spectators who are interested in all the fun these girls are having!

2008 was the first year that CFO was held at the Forks Plaza in Winnipeg, and this turned out to be a great success. Over 20 participants came from all over the U.S and Canada to battle it out for the cash prize, which was the largest in Canada for girls.

The Skateboard Coalition of Manitoba:

The Skateboard Coalition of Manitoba is an advocacy group primarily focused on the advancement and acceptance of the culture and community of skateboarders in Manitoba.

The Coalition will work with service agencies, community groups, businesses and local governments to educate, inform, program and promote the community of skateboarding.

The Coalition will act as a unified voice for skateboarders in the province of Manitoba, working with its members and communities to advocate for appropriate skateboard friendly environments.

The Coalition will work to create and maintain strategic partnerships with national and other regional associations to provide opportunities, funding and appropriate community based links to unify the community of skateboarding.

Plaza at the Forks:

Plaza at the Forks covers approximately 44,000 sq. feet and has everything from Barcelona, San Francisco and Japan style obstacles to an 8500 square foot bowl and pool. This park definitely has something for everyone. Situated at THE tourist destination of Winnipeg, The Forks plays host to approximately 4 million people per year and the Plaza has turned into a must-see for tourists and citizens of all ages.

"This is one of the most amazing things I've ever seen" -Mike Vallely (refering to The Plaza in Tony Hawk's Secret Skate Park Tour 3)

"The bowl was super fun. I don't even know if I'm gonna leave here"- Tony Hawk (another Plaza reference)

"It's got everything"- Andrew Reynolds (another Plaza reference)

2007's inaugural WAM at the Plaza brought thousands of spectators to the park over 3 days to watch over 30 amateurs from around the continent compete for the largest cash purse in Canada. The event got coverage in most North American skate mags in it's first year.

In 2008, occurring the weekend before WAM, Chicks Flip Out will provide an opportunity for a greater profile for sponsors in local media as well as national media.